What is SentLive?

What is SentLive?

SentLive is a safety service accessible via mobile app and website. The app is available for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The idea behind the service is that users can simply and quickly inform their chosen contacts of their safety status, either in an ad hoc way, or a regular daily, or weekly scheduled check which they respond to. A user's contacts can also Request A Check on them, or other users, and vice versa, which they can respond to. There are two responses possible; Safe, or Not Safe, and this is sent as a notification to the contact(s) in the app. However if a user does not respond within a certain time, this will also be notified to their contacts.

Contacts are categorised under three headings; Gold, Silver and Bronze. The designation of these is as follows:

Gold Contacts - up to 5 selected people; they will receive all notifications made by the user. This number can be increased to 10 with the annual purchase of an add on.

Silver Contacts - an unlimited number of the people who are in the device's contact list, selected by the user; however they must have downloaded the SentLive app and registered. They will receive any Not Safe notifications.

Bronze Contacts - these are people who are in the user's device contacts and have been invited to join SentLive, but who have not (yet) downloaded the app and registered.

Please find more information both in the articles in this knowledge base, and in the Help page of our website (only available to registered and logged in users).